Some info about us

SDG Moto is the result of a family history in motorsports. After three generations of racers, custom motorbikes are now being covered – along with just about everything else.

Scott is a third generation racer, taking after his Pop, Dad and Mum who all raced. “I grew up playing in the grandstand and the pits at Sydney Showground Speedway. I grew up around bikes and racing, and it’s what I know and love. I love old British bikes.” Scott has raced both solos and sidecars. His love for bikes is fueled by his old school knowledge and history. He has always built his own bikes, both for competition and street, and has found himself doing the same for clients and close friends.

With this history and life of racing, Scott was always sourcing parts from throughout Australia and the world for his bikes. Once he retired from racing, an idea came along. “I thought we have all these contacts, and other people are always calling me for parts, so we decided to launch an online store sourcing and selling quality parts from around the world.” And so SDG Moto was launched in 2006. “We now have distributorships from half a dozen international suppliers, and if we don’t stock it, we can generally get it.”

Supplying custom bike parts is one thing; SDG also put these parts to use and build custom bikes and undertake restorations, having a fully equipped workshop. They limit the builds to 3-4 a year to make sure each bike has the correct amount of time and attention dedicated to it – there is a high standard to be maintained with each custom build or restoration. “This was a natural progression for us, as we have been building race bikes all of our lives. So it was it was a simple matter of tailoring our race builds for the road.

Scott and SDG Moto are all about organic, natural progression. Keep it simple, and provide something that’s truly quality. “We like to keep our builds personal with our customers, so that their vision is achieved in each build. We believe low overheads reflect better prices for our customers.

We like people who say it can’t be done, and our answer to that is ``How soon would you like it?”

Our Product Range

We are distributors for Joker Machine, Cycle X, Kustomtech, Motone, Motogadget, Purpose Built Moto and Davida Helmets. If you do not find what you are looking for on our website, please give us a call.