NSW Sidecar racers Jeff Brown and Darren Sheldrick recently purchased 2 sets of custom Made to Measure Leather race suits from SDG Moto Custom & Cafe. We spoke to Jeff to give his opinion on these leathers.

“The leathers were really good. As was explained to me by SDG Moto, they were a very tight fit initially, but after a wear or two, they became really comfortable, and you don’t notice they are on once they are on.”

“We were able to get these leathers made to measure in our racing colours at a really decent price.”

On August 27, 2016, Jeff and Darren were competing in Round 4 of the Post Classic Racing Association calendar, at Wakefield Park, NSW.

“In Race 2, we had an off, and then we were hit by another sidecar.  I was squished between two bikes, thrown in the air, and landed on the track. Darren was thrown in the air and skidded down the track.” said Jeff.

“Thank goodness we were both uninjured.  The leathers did exactly what they were supposed to do. We were both fine, other than being a bit sore.”

“From looking at the leathers, you cannot tell that they have been involved in an accident.”

“The leathers from SDG Moto are a very good quality, and offer very good protection. I would be happy to recommend these leathers to anyone, be they a racer or everyday rider.”